•  Cobalt Sulphate

    Used in Ceramics, Pigments, in Plating Baths for Cobalt, Additive to Soils, Catalyst, Paint & Ink Drier, Storage Batteries Etc.

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  •  Copper Suplate

    Used in Agriculture,Pigments, Electric Batteries, Electroplated Coatings, Medicine, Wood Preservative, Germicides Etc.

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  •  Sodium Tungstate

    Used in Fire Proofing & Water Proofing fabrics, as a reagent for Biological products precipitant for alkaloids etc.

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  •  Cobalt Acetate

    Used in Catalyst for Cumene Hydro peroxide Decomposition and Fungicides and many more.

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  •  Copper Acetate

    Used in Pesticide, fungicide, mfg. of Paris green, Insecticide, Wood preservative, as pigment particularly for ships and submarines. Etc.

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  •  Nickel Nitrate

    Used in Nickel Plating and Anodizing Process, Also in Mfg of Fire works Etc.

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